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Quantum Aquatics Timing System

QUANTUM Aquatics is a brand new intelligent timer with inputs/outputs interface and on-board memory buffers.
All timing events are recorded through each input port and are identified with a unique data code.

Data from the timer interface is transmitted to the associated computers through a USB port.

All data processing then takes place in the computer.

The quantity of data stored (i.e. number of races or competitions) is only limited by the size of the hard drive, enabling results from previous races to be recalled for examination on the computer’s display, for re-transmission to the scoreboard or re-printing of the results. Printed data are available in two formats.

The timer concept shall enable start lists and event data including titles and records to be loaded into the main timer database.

This enables a full result list to be generated by the timer, including competitor names.

This data is available for transmission to the main results printer or to a numeric, alphanumerical or matrix scoreboard.

The timer interface is operated from a 12-volts, DC power pack.

The addition of battery powered computers and A4 printers allows the competition to continue even in the event of a total mains power failure (not recommended).

This feature also allows the timing system to be operated safely from the swimming pool side.

The timer in its Primary & Secondary version includes two complete timing systems and one data switcher to select information from first or second systems.

Thanks to its intuitive and interactive graphical representation of the key functions, the timer is very easy to use and is suitable for use at all levels of competition, from school events right up to the World Championships and Olympic Games, where the power and versatility of the system has already been proven.

In addition, full FINA* compliance is guaranteed.
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3480.911: OMEGA Quantum Aquatics Primary without internal power supply.
3480.911.IS: OMEGA Quantum Aquatics Primary with internal power supply.
Supplied with Swimming software and cables to connect to external battery and PC.
quantum pmy
480.912: OMEGA Quantum Aquatics Primary & Secondary.
Supplied with internal data switchers, Swimming software and cables to connect to external battery and PC.
quantum pry sdy
3480.932: Power supply for OMEGA Quantum Aquatics Primary & Secondary.
quantum power supply
Timing system: Capacity 23:59:59.99, repetitive
Resolution: 1, 1/10, 1/100th sec (sampling 1/10 000)
Ageing renewable: ± 4ppm (10 years)
Power supply: Stability (0-45°C): ± 0.1ppm
Power consumption (typical): External battery 10-18 VDC
(without harness module): 0.55 A (Primary) 1.1 A (Primary & Secondary)
(with 24 harness modules): 1.00 A (Primary) 2.0 A (Primary & Secondary)
Working temperature: 0°C-60°C
Relative humidity:  0-94% (non-condensing)
Certification: ce logostandard specifications and rohsRoHS compliant
3397.910 Laptop compatible Quantum
(2 per Quantum Aquatics >PRY & SDY are needed)
3480.941 Quantum Synchro-Swimming Software
3480.925 Quantum single transportation case
3480.926 Quantum double transportation case
3480.920 Quantum online printer with integrated battery
(2 per Quantum Aquatics >PRY & SDY are needed)
3440.708 External BlueTooth RS422 SubD 9pMC
3480.932 Quantum Aquatics PRY & SRY Power supply
3330.661 Thermal online printer

quantum conn pry sec


quantum conn prim
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