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Electronic Ticketing

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HTS Group Ltd is the installer of smartcard-based integrated ticketing and fares on passenger bus services.

We are recognised as leading specialist installation, service and maintenance contractor of electronic passenger ticketing to bus companies around New Zealand.  We are agents for VIX ERG and provide  installation and service support for most other ticketing hardware systems.


SNAPPER Smartcard System

HTS Group Ltd is a key partner in the SNAPPER smartcard system, New Zealand’s leading provider of smartcard-based integrated ticketing and fares on bus services, and small value retail payments.

In August 2008, we completed the GO Wellington electronic ticketing installation.  In June 2009, we completed the fit out of Valley Flyer and Airport Flyer buses.  Now, thanks to HTS Group, over 370 buses from Wellington to the Hutt Valley are SNAPPER friendly.


AT HOP Card Smartcard System

The AT HOP card electronic ticketing system was first used in Auckland in May 2011 bringing an integrated ticketing and fares system for Auckland train and bus passengers.In 2013 HTS Group Ltd was awarded the installation contract for the Thales supplied Electronic Ticketing system ,branded AT HOP and have installed in excess of 1200 buses .We are contracted to provide the field support for the installed AT HOP Auckland bus fleet.


Real Time Passenger Information

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HTS Group have been involved with the Real Time Passenger Information industry for over 10 years
HTS Group Ltd is the installation subcontractor for the “RAPID” Auckland Real Time Passenger Information System. Since 2002, the company has installed the system hardware on over, 2000 buses and installed On-Street Displays at over 450 sites in the greater Auckland region.
In 2008, HTS Group Ltd was awarded the RTPIS Expansion Contract by Auckland Regional Transport Authority to install On-Street Displays in the Waitakere, North Shore, Manukau, Rodney and Franklin Districts.
In 2013 ,in conjunction with the AT HOP card installation , HTS Group Ltd was contracted to install the SMARTRAK AVL  system on the Auckland bus fleet .
As the service and maintenance subcontractor for the installed On bus and On-Street hardware, HTS Group provides a 24 hour, 7 day Service and Maintenance support to the RAPID Real Time Passenger Information System.
HTS Group also provides support to the on-bus hardware for the  VIX ERG ,Wellingtion area wide system.

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About us

HTS Group Ltd was established in 2000. The company is a leading provider of services to the Public Transport, Traffic, Sports Timing Industry and Digital Media in New Zealand, Australia & The Pacific.
Our New Zealand operation is certified to  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2018

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