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Preformed Loops

PAtriot Loops
Patriot Detection, a leader in complete traffic systems, pre-formed loops, and inductive loop testers. From single inductive preformed loops to complete traffic systems, we transform ideas into innovative products and services to solve your problems

Whether installation requires a cut-in, concrete pour, or direct hot asphalt overlay, Patriot Detection preformed inductive loops (P-ILDs) are time-tested and warranted to last 15 years without failure. Patriot Detection not only guarantees the best product on the market, but also completes the customer experience with superior customer service.

Patriot Detection preformed inductive loops are guaranteed to reduce or totally eliminate:
  • Numerous lane closures due to re-cutting conventional loops
  • Deterioration of the pavement due to re-cutting the pavement
  • Red light violations due to drive aggravation with “timed” intersection lights
  • Excessive exhaust pollution due to unnecessarily long red light waiting periods
  • Motorist call-ins
  • Timed traffic lights that require expensive equipment due to conventional loop failure
Patriot Detection P-ILDs offer the customer a significant cost savings.
For both new construction and existing loop cut-in, Patriot Detection preformed inductive loops are a more cost-effective and superior alternative to conventional cut-in loops.

Patriot Detection loops rated for direct hot asphalt pave-over while Concrete overlay loops will compensate for reinforcing steel draw.
Preformed loops manufactured for cut-in installations do not require “45-ing” the corners, or the use of a backer rod. Compared to other traffic detection technologies, Patriot Detection preformed inductive loops are in-ground, non-intrusive, more accurate, more cost effective and will out last any other detection technology currently available.

About us

HTS Group Ltd was established in 2000. The company is a leading provider of services to the Public Transport, Traffic, Sports Timing Industry and Digital Media in New Zealand, Australia & The Pacific.
Our New Zealand operation is certified to  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2018

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