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Backstroke Ledge

The Backstroke Ledge is the ideal complement to the starting blocks OSB11 and OSB14 for backstroke swimming starts.
The Backstroke Ledge OBL2 Pro received FINA‘s approval during its December 2014 Convention in Doha.

The second generation of this device brings many advantages to backstroke swimmers:

First of all, it improves the start push and trajectory of the swimmer when entering the water.
The angle made by the legs in relation to the water surface during the final push off the wall is greater, and as a result, the swimmer‘s feet travel the path during the start phase of flight with less contact to the water.

The Backstroke Ledge can be adjusted to every swimmer‘s size.

The length can be set to 5 different positions using a manual rotating system.

Also, the grip mechanism of the Backstroke is covered with an anti-skid surface which avoids slipping and thus,
provides more confidence to the swimmers at the entrance in the water.

This new system is simply and easily mounted onto the starting blocks with some pins and can be removed by
an official once the race has begun not to bother the swimmers during the competition.

And last but not least, thanks to the Backstroke Ledge the swimmers gain in power and force when entering the
water and therefore, achieve best performances.

This new generation - the OBL2 Pro - is used for competitions at highest level.
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