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Starttime V - Electronic Starting Device

The StartTime V is the ideal solution to manage the starting process of most of sport or disciplines, such as swimming, athletics or speed skating. This starting device combines the highest Swiss Timing technologies and
latest safety standards.

The setup of the StartTime V can be modified by a multifunction LCD display. It also features an enhanced
internal amplifier, a keypad to select the various setup possibilities, a high fidelity loudspeaker and an integrated
optical flash.

A line out allows optional loudspeakers to be connected to deliver the start signal as close as possible and
simultaneously to each athlete. A microphone unit enablesthe starter to give the start signal while amplifying all the
verbal commands.

The main function of the StartTime V is to generate a signal to give the start of the race. To perform this mission, the
StartTime V can manage the following peripherals:

E-gun: the electronic starting device used to replace the traditional powder gun to signal the start to the athletes and trig the timing devices. When the starter activates the gun trigger, simultaneously, a sound is played, a flash is emitted and a start pulse is given to the timing devices. By pressing the trigger a second time within a programmable delay, the false start sound will be played.

Timer (Quantum): it receives the pulses generated by different devices to time the race.

High fidelity loudspeaker: a sound is used to simulate the noise of a gun or a whistle.

Flash Start: in certain competitions, a Flash Start System is used like start signal for hearing impared person.

  • Top features
  • Specifications StartTime V
  • Specifications E-gun
  • Options
  • Brochure
  • Menu-driven setup through LCD and keypad
  • Integrated visual flash signal
  • Built-in high fidelity loudspeaker and amplifier
  • Supplied with Start or Microphone unit e-GUN
  • Telephone connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • High security level
  • Battery powered (charger included)
Dimensions (main unit) : 395 x 192 x 160 mm (w/o connectors)
Weight : 5.8 kg (without charger & microphone)
Connections : microphone/e-gun, timing device, flash, speaker, line out, battery charger
Power supply : integrated 12V/7Ah lead-acid battery
Charger : included, indoor use only
Public address speaker : up to 2 x 20 W output
Self-discharge time : 12 months if not in use
Battery indicator : 4 levels battery symbol
Battery autonomy : > 1000 starts before recharge
Operating temperature : -10 to +50 °C
Storage temperature : -20 to +70 °C
Relative humidity : 20-80% (non-condensing)
Protection class : IP43
Certifications : ce logoand rohsRoHS compliant
Dimension: 280 x 35 x 140 mm (without cable)
Weight : 820 grams (with cable, 350 gr without cable)
Cable length: 7m
Power supply: DC input, 7-18V DC
Flash duration: 0.1s
Flash visibility: Sun visible >200m
Flash viewing angle: 360° horizontal, 90° vertical
Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 to +70 °C
Protection: IP65
Certifications:  ce logoand rohsRoHS compliant
3399.951: OMEGA FLASH Start
Visual signal intended for hearing impaired athletes. Powered by the StartTime IV. Includes a 25m cable to connect to the StartTime IV.

Loudspeaker for mobile installations.
To be positioned near each starting block so that all swimmers hear the start simultaneously. Set of mobile loudspeakers with harnesses (cables sets), .03 and .06 refers to the cable length (3 or 6m) between 2 loudspeakers. Sets of the required cables combination in order to connect 3 to 10 loudspeakers:

3399.933.06: Set of 3 mobile loudspeakers with 6m cables

3399.934.03/06: Set of 4 mobile loudspeakers with 3m/6m cables

3399.935.03/06: Set of 5 mobile loudspeakers with 3m/6m cables

3399.936.03: Set of 6 mobile loudspeakers with 3m cables

3399.938.03: Set of 8 mobile loudspeakers with 3m cables

3399.940.03: Set of 10 mobile loudspeakers with 3m cables

9051.6339: Multipurpose tripod (up to 8 kg)

1865.050: Cable on winder
Connects StartTime IV to timing device.
50 m cable on winder (Tu 4pM - Tu 4pF, 1 mm2)
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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