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MSL Slide Gate Motors

The MSL 20MC slide gate operator is designed for commercial and security applications where fast operating speeds and high usage is of importance. It runs on single phase mains supply and has the ability to support gates up to 1000kg
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The controller contains a PLC (Programmable logic controller) with an Eprom chip to enable software adaption and interfacing with a variety of remote control devices, security access systems and key card readers. Site specific features such as partial opening for pedestrian access can be programmed on request. The controller provides 3 phase output power to the motor, however the mains supply needs only to be single phase.
msl drive
Drive System
The MSL 20 Motor Drive is a 3 phase (240V) AC induction torque motor. While 3 phase is applied to the coils U, V & W, a magnetic field is produced which results in torque being applied to open or close the gate. Power requirement is 240V single phase. The Drive system is designed for gates up to 1,000kg and speeds up to 500mm/sec. Position control is achieved with a proximity switch mounted to the motor housing. A frequency invertor is part of the PLC controller to allow acceleration and deceleration of the gate for optimum performance.
MPH Speed Gate safety
Safety Devices
On power failure the drive unit can be easily disengaged from the gate to allow manual movement of the slide gate. The controller has input terminals for safety devices as standard. Safety edge strips are provided as an optional feature.
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Accessories include warning lights, warning signs, inductive loop detectors, PE Beams, radio controls and uninterruptable power supply.
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MSL Gate Motor 05 14 0
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