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Magnetic MHTM Barrier Gate (6 to 10m)

You are looking for a reliable barrier to control vehicle access to an access road or industry facility with a lane width of more than 6.0m? Here you go: Magnetic.Access XL or Magnetic.Access XXL
Magnetic.Access XXL for lane widths between 6.0m and 10.0m.

Compared to other models of the award-winning MHTM™ MicroDrive series, these barriers come with an inner support frame that guarantees a very high stability.

The Magnetic.Access XXL barriers contain the complete barrier including the MGC Pro control unit,
a MicroBoom XL barrier boom and an integrated 2-channel loop detector. The functionality of the barrier can be easily extended via pluggable modules (optional). 

Click To View MHTM Boom Gate Access Magnetic Automation Video 
  • tall housing with straight barrier boom (MicroBoom XL)
  • lane width max. 10.0 m
  • safe control unit (EN 12849)
  • 80% more connectivity (I/O, TCP/IP,RS-485, etc.)
  • power consumption max. 30 W
  • maintenance-free MHTM™ XL drive unit
  • high ease of use
Access1-697 Design and quality

Magnetic.Access XXL barriers impress with sophisticated and enduring design. The modularly designed housing made of extruded aluminium profiles and the inner steel frame with surface protection offer best protection against corrosion. The MHTM™ product line is winner of the red dot award: product design 2012.
Control unit
The control unit MGC Pro is compliant with EN 13849. It is located directly underneath the top cover and can be accessed from all sides. Configuring the barrier is easily accomplished via the LCD’s intuitive user interface that can be navigated with just 4 push-buttons. The functionality may be easily extended via optionally available modules.
access3 Drive unit

The MHTM™ XL drive unit is not only astonishing because of its small dimensions. You also get a high torque with an extremely minimized power consumption. The high torque guarantees best operation even under severe weather conditions (heavy winds, snow, etc.). The motor, motor control and gearing are all combined in one compact drive unit.
Access4 MicroBoom XL

MicroBoom XL barrier booms are straight booms designed especially for Magnetic.Access XL/XXL barriers. Up to 6.0m the boom is made of one solid boom profile, longer booms have an additional connector and a smaller boom profile as extension. MicroBoom XL booms are equipped with a foamed edge protection which offers best protection
against damages and harm to people.
  • Features
  • Technical Data
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black circle = Standard
White Circle = Otionally available
- = Not available for this model
Magnetic.Access XXL
Standard colours RAL 2000
Special painting White Circle
Barrier boom MicroBoom XL
Control unit MGC Pro
Integrated 2-channel loop detector black circle
Control unit modularly extendable black circle
Variable I/O assignment black circle
Number of digital inputs 8
Number of relay / digital outputs 6/4
Safety light barrier input with test black circle
Opening / closing times selectable black circle/black circle
Extended accessories (e.g. boom skirt) White Circle
Warranty 2 years


Magnetic.Access XXL
Lane width max.  10.0 m
Opening / closing time 8.0 s
Power consumption max. 30 W
Duty cycle 100%
Supply voltage Wide voltage range 85 - 264 V AC
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Drive unit MHTM™ MicroDrive
Housing dimensions (WxDxH) 435 x 360 x 1165 mm
Weight (without boom) 112 kg
Housing design Powder-coated aluminium
Inner support frame Surface zinc phospate plus cathodic electrophoresis
Protection class IP 54
Compliant with CE, 2006/42/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC
Temperature range -30 to +55 °C


Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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