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Thoreb X5

Thoreb X5 - 4 or 8 channel DVR
This DVR is Available in 4 or 8 Channels

Combined with its full EMC approval this unit provides unrivalled functionality and performance.

The Hard disk drive used can be any size from 250GB to 2TB providing maximum recording and storage options.

The unit will record globally to 100/fps, has inbuilt GPS, multi level password security and fully encrypted video footage.

Driving can also be monitored by using the inbuilt G shock sensors which record all shocks to the X/Y/Z axis of the vehicle, along with vehicle speed using the GPS.

Optional remote viewing via 3G and automated download via Wi-Fi are available options for use with the DVR

MDVR-X5-II is an advanced Mobile Digital Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle surveillance solutions and intelligence applications. It supports video recording in CIF, HD1 and D1 formats, can log vehicle travel and switched peripherals, and supports wireless data upload.

With the Cieba software suite it can also support alarm linked central monitoring, remote management and playback analysis. It is a powerful modular design with flexible installation, easy maintenance and high reliability.
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Main Features
  • Supports 8 channels WD1+4 channels IPC (720P) or4 channels WD1+8 channels IPC(720P)
  • Modular design for easymaintenance
  • Revolutionary anti-vibration technology for 360 degree installation
  • Supports 2.5” 2TB hard disk storage and SD card for mirrorrecording
  • Dual streams for local recording and wirelesstransmission
  • Internal GPS for locationtracking
  • Built-in 3G/4G for live view and remote management (optional)
  • Internal WIFI 802.11N supported for all the regularvideo files and alarm filesdownload(optional)
  • Built-in inertiasensor
Function Overview Preview, Recording, Playback, Network, Locating
OS Linux 3.0.8
Control Mode Touch Screen, Service Tool, IR Remote Control, Network
Input 8channel WD1+4channel IPC(720P)/4channel WD1+8channel IPC (720P)
Output 2 channels
Total Resource
(8 x 25)FPS WD1 @ PAL / (8 x 30)FPS WD1 @ NTSC +(4 x 30)FPS
720P or
(4 x 25)FPS WD1 @ PAL / (4 x 30)FPS WD1 @ NTSC +(8 x 30)FPS 720P
Video Signal Standard Electrical level: 1Vpp Impedance: 75Ω NTSC/PAL Optional
Input 8channels(12 channels if connects with IPCX4)
Output 2channels
Audio Signal Standard Electrical level: 2Vpp   Input impedance: 4.7kΩ
Viewing modes 1/4/9 split display
Watermarking GPS information, alarm, temperature, acceleration, voltage, device information, software version, MCU version, network status
Video/Audio Compression H.264/ADPCM
Image Resolution
PAL: WD1(928X576), WHD1(928X288), WCIF(464X288), D1(704X576), HD1(704x288), CIF(352x288)
NTSC: WD1(928X480), WHD1(928X240), WCIF(464X240), D1(704x480), HD1(704x240), CIF(352x240)
Digital: 720P(1280X720)
Image Quality 8 Levels adjustable
Recording Mode Manual/schedule/Alarm (sensor trigger, speed, acceleration, video loss, temperature)
Pre-recording 0-60minutes
Post-recording 0-30 minutes
Mirror Recording Yes
Playback Channel 1/4 channels by local playback
Search Mode Date/time, channel, event
Locating GPS Location tracking, speed detection and time sync
Storage Hard disk 2.5" HDD up to 2TB (SSD optional)
USB USB2.0 x 2
SD SD x 1
RS232 RS232 X 2
RS485 RS485 X 2
Sensor 8 inputs, 2 outputs
Serial G-sensor (Internal)
Speed 1 channel pulse speed detection
Interface Interface (CP4) Optional
Input DC8-36V
Output 1A@12V,1A@5V
Others Water Proof Rate IP54
Physical Characteristic Dimension (L × W × H) 295 x 222 x 89 mm
Operating Temperature -40Ž- +70Ž(With heater) or -10Ž- +70Ž
Operating                           Relative Humidity 8%~90%
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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