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Synectics T1600

16 Channel Mobile DVR
The latest evolution of Synectics’ T-series Recorder, the T1600 16-channel, analogue DVR with hybrid IP capability, has been designed to meet the exacting demands of the mobile industry. With optional solid-state drives, on-board accelerometer, and a ruggedized enclosure the T1600 has been designed specifically for on-vehicle installation and deployment.

The T1600 offers superior image quality and frame rate capability, configurable at up to D1 resolution on each analogue camera simultaneously. Differential video inputs increase image quality by removing interference and allow the use of standard CAT5 cable and RJ45 crimp connectors.

The T1600 interfaces to PAL/NTSC cameras making it well suited for deployment on new and existing vehicles with legacy camera investment. Being a hybrid recorder IP HD cameras can be deployed to capture exceptional quality images for areas of specific interest, such as front-road cameras.

A highly reliable device in a wide range of environmental conditions, the unit is designed to comply with EU standards for railway applications, in addition to all current mobile equipment standards for road vehicles relating to EMC, shock, vibration and temperature.

Available with 1TB storage on a single disk, the T1600 can record up to 7 days of footage in typical conditions. Optional upgrade to 2TB dual disks offers the ability to increase the retention period or the storage of higher frame rates or resolutions.

Synectics’ proprietary File System (SFS) recording ensures a higher data throughput, lowers energy use, reduces disk wear and provides a level of protection from tampering and unauthorised viewing.

Optional solid state drives maximise resilience against recording loss during incidents, this ensures crucial evidence is captured even in high-shock and vibration situations. An integrated accelerometer detects changes in G-forces usually associated with accidents and abnormal incidents and captures this information along with  the audio and video to provide a total situational overview.

In addition, location data, from an integrated1 or external GPS receiver2, can be synchronised and recorded with the video. The T1600 can also interface with standard vehicle communications systems such as iBUS and IBIS. Electrical vehicle signals such as braking, indication, reverse and door open, can be logged as data for search and review at a later point.

Designed for effective cooling without fan assistance the T1600 is protected against dust and dirt ingress. Industry standard connectors located on one face of the unit allow simple access for service checks.  No custom breakout cables are required, which, along with integrated cable management, facilitate a tidy installation. Being designed to accept a wide range of voltages ensures compatibility with all standard vehicle electrical systems.

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