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LED Traffic Lantern - Arrow

AS2144 Traffic Signal Lanterns
LED Lantern optics can be fitted into most lanterns made in Australia / New Zealand. The highly efficient power supply, long service life and reduced maintenance requirements ensure the lanterns are the most cost effective LED lanterns available in Australasia.
  • Available in 200mm and 300mm
  • Polycarbonate or Aluminum Housings
  • Housings rated to IP35
  • Low Profile Housings - 95mm deep
    • Lower Weight
    • Easier handling, improved OH&S
    • Lower Freight Costs
  • LED Displays housed in IP65 enclosure
    • Routine cleaning of internals not required
    • Keyed Optics ensures correct orientation
    • Modules can be fitted into existing lanterns
  • Dual Hinging Doors with Easy-grip Locks
    • No sharp edges on door locking tabs
    • No special tools required
    • True single handed operation to Open / Close
    • Easily accessed from left or right side
  • Modular Construction
    • Allows any combination of Aspect
    • Switched Mode Power Supply
    • High Power Efficiency .99Leading Power Factor
    • THD Less than 5%
    • Reduced energy consumption, lowering costs
    • Precise control of LED current, longer lifetime
    • Precise Error detection and shutdown
    • Zero power consumption when in shutdown
    • Single push-button reset with no special tools
    • Self calibrating
    • No messy trim-pots for calibration
    • No bulky, energy wasting transformers
    • No relays
  • Technical Specifications
Red Aspect
Typical Chromaticity:
x= 0.687, y = 0.311

200mm Arrow:
Luminous Output = 85cd
Power Comsumption = 5W
300mm Arrow:
Luminous Output = 607cd
Power Comsumption = 11W
Amber Aspect
Typical Chromaticity:
x= 0.570, y = 0.438

200mm Arrow:
Luminous Output = 140cd
Power Comsumption = 5W
300mm Arrow:
Luminous Output = 1485cd
Power Comsumption = 13W
Green Aspect
Typical Chromaticity:
x= 0.099, y = 0.611

200mm Arrow:
Luminous Output = 90cd
Power Comsumption = 5W
300mm Roundel:
Luminous Output = 540cd
Power Comsumption = 12W

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