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Temporary surface adhered preformed lnductive loop

For temporary installation on the surface

  • 9.5mm

9.5mm Inductive Loops - Model CG9.5MM

  • Highly abrasion-resistant Polyurethane alloy cover
  • High tensile strength braided synthetic yarn reinforcement
  • Good flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Minimum impact pressure of 3000 psi (20,680 kPa)
  • Nylon alloy core tube
  • Superior resistance to oil, gasoline, salt, moisture and impact
  • Max. o.d. of 3/8” (9.5 millimeter)

Connection – Loop Head to Loop Lead-In
  • High tensile strength / tenoerature self-locking Polyethylene “T” connector to connect the loop head to the protected lead-in (No wire splices)

  • Loop wire is 20 gauge silver coated with Teflon jacket, stranded, single conductor wire.
  • Number of turns to be determined by engineer or factory and will depend on loop size, loop depth, presence of reinforcing steel and other special factors
  • Lead-in wires shall be machine twisted at a minimum of 8 twists per foot (30 cm).
  • One continuous wire shall be used to manufacture the loop and lead-in, no splices shall be allowed.
  • Extra wire shall be incorporated throughout the conduit by means of the “Z” method to compensate for pavement movement.

  • Loop and lead shall be filled with a flexible rubber self sealing emulsion to prevent moisture entering the conduit and prevent false calls from movement of the wire within the conduit.
  • Preformed loops shall be commercially manufactured.


  • Quality control of the end product shall be performed and passed as specified in the Preformed Inductive Loop (P-ILD) Handbook V.2.4 and be submitted to the end user.
  • Loops shall be individually marked as to the direction of the wire turns.
  • Preformed loops shall have a 15 year minimum manufacturer's guarantee.

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