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In Pavement Loop Tester

The Excel Tech LTM-1000 is a rugged field service instrument designed for in-pavement loop analysis. It utilizes a single loop feeder connection to initiate a measurement operation which displays on an alpha-numeric LCD panel all relevant in-pavement loop parameters including; open circuit, short circuit, DC resistance, inductance, loop ‘Q’ and tuned frequency. Additionally an analogue bar graph display indicates a vehicle actuation incorporating the relevant ‘electromagnetic’ change associated with the vehicle detection.

This instrument also has a probe which locates concealed loop windings, and a single button actuation for loop insulation integrity evaluation.


  • Multi-function device
  • Weather proof touch sensitive function selection keypad
  • Large LCD panel with user selectable backlight
  • Single connection – all measurements displayed simultaneously
  • Identifies loop short circuit and open circuit loop states
  • Identifies vehicle actuation with analogue bar graph display
  • Measures :
    • DC Resistance
    • Loop inductance (microhenries)
    • Calculates tuned frequency
    • Calculates loop ‘Q’
  • Verifies loop wire insulation integrity
  • Locates in-pavement loops from moving vehicle
  • Locates concealed in-pavement loop winding boundaries
  • Robust plastic protective shroud
  • Single 9 volt DC battery operation
  • Single momentary switch ON / OFF operation
  • Auto timeout operation 15secs after removal loop /open circuit
  • Single connection to initiate loop measurements
  • Manual LCD backlight operation for power consumption
  • Measures immediately when loop feeders are connected

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