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Scoring System

The scoring system you can count on
Based on our experience gathered during numerous events including regional competitions and the Olympics, SWISS TIMING has developed a Scoring System meeting the individual requirements of Wrestling.

The competition control software is installed on a powerful notebook ensuring a concise and almost fully automatic competition management. This notebook provides athlete information to the Scoring Terminal which serves as central control system to produce in and output of competition-related data. Beside the user-friendly touch screen functionality, the terminal offers the possibility to start individual pairings simply by entering individual athlete names. Scores and penalties given by the Head Official and Judges are presented on two separate mat displays. An acoustic signal is automatically produced indicating the end of a bout or a break.

Two high-resolution screens present current competition data to the spectators. Eye-catching animations once a Wrestler has scored and graphics including schedule or medalists are also available. Added value is provided by the possibility to replay video clips during the breaks or by implementing sponsor logos.
  • Management software features
  • System overview
  • Other information
  • Database for athletes, weight categories and Wrestling styles
  • Bout scheduling and assignment of bout numbers
  • Printing of all relevant lists
  • Sending of athletes data to the Scoring Terminal
  • Storage of bout progress and bout result
  • Sending/transmission of video clips and graphics to screens
wrestling overview

Wrestling Scoring System with competition control PC, timing/scoring touch screen, horn, flat screens and judge/mat chairman display
Scoring Terminal
  • Central control unit for execution of the bout
  • Time base for bout length, start and stop
  • Entry of scores and penalties on touch screen
  • Output of bout data to the screens
  • Manual input of athletes data (independent from Management software)
  • 47“ flat screens with control computer
  • Display of all relevant bout data incl. animations
Mat Display
  • Input keypad as electronic replacement for bats
  • Double-sided display of score decision
  • Coloured indication of decisions
Automatic set off of acoustic signals according to the respective stage of the bout
The Management software is capable of handling several mats used at the same time, and the Scoring system can be extended with additional modules accordingly.
Additional Services
SWISS TIMING furthermore offers services to make data available for media, including TV graphics, CIS Commentator Information Systems, video screens, indoor scoreboards and Internet service.

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