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Weightlifting System

The WEIGHTLIFTING SYSTEM 2011 is our latest development in the field of heavy athletics. While all components are based on reliable Swiss Timing technology, the complete system was developed based on the IWF regulations to fulfill all specific demands raised by competitions in this sport.
The Competition Control Terminal (CCT) constitutes the system’s central component, granting the competition management full control over an event while presenting essential information on its display. Data input is provided through a direct serial connection to the operator’s laptop, which runs the software component of the WLS2011.

Almost all control data from the individual modules, as well as any display information is exchanged through the distribution box – the data centre of the modular WLS2011. The distribution box particularly contributes to the high stability and performance of the system by harmonizing the individual data protocols of all components.

Referees, jury members and the timekeeper are provided with individually designed keypads. The Jury Box is additionally provided as a central control and supervising unit.

Our timing clock satisfies all requirements and guidelines given by the IWF regulations. The displaying component is well readable and features – apart from the common signaling function – an extra connector for an acoustic horn. A conventional flat screen can be used to display of any further information.

With special regard to the demands of the German Bundesliga, particular emphasis was placed on maximizing the portability of the whole system. Whether using it in small trainings or international events – our Weightlifting system WLS2011 can be easily installed. With its extensive set of features, it is suitable for any Weightlifting competition.
  • System overview
  • Timing clock & Software component
  • Distribution & Jury Boxes
  • Ref Keypads, Jury Keypads & Timing Terminal
  • Competition Control Terminal & Attempt Board
weightlifting system setup
The Timing Component
The supplied timing clock satisfies all requirements and guidelines given by the IWF regulations. A green indicator signals the end of an attempt to the competitor. Validity of an attempt is subsequently indicated by a red or a white light on the timing clock. In case of an insufficient volume of the integrated signal horn, an additional external horn may be connected to the clock through a serial RS422 interface.

timing component

The Software Component
The software component, running on the operator’s laptop is especially tailored to the demands of this particular sport. The clear and intuitive user interface makes creating and managing start lists a breeze. Automatic recording of scoring data ensures a smooth course of every event.

The Distribution Box
All information routes of the individual modules converge in the distribution box. The device accordingly serves as a centre for exchanging data and distributing it to the connected components. In addition, the distribution box provides the necessary connectors for the three referee keypads as well as the connector for the timekeeper keypad.

dist box1

dist box2

The Jury Box
The Jury Box on the one hand, serves as a scoring device for the jury team. On the other hand, it represents the main component for reviewing and verifying referee decisions by the jury. The five Jury Keypads are directly connected to the Jury Box through serial connectors. All scoring information from the Referee Keypads is additionally fed via distribution box.

Referee Keypads and Jury Keypads
The Referee Keypads each provide a white and a red scoring key, as well as two LEDs of the same colors, for visually signaling all referee decisions. Additionally, an acoustic signaler inside each Keypad calls on the referee to enter his decision. The keypads of the jury members have a similar design to the ones of the referees.

ref keypad

The Timing Terminal
The timekeeper’s input device offers a start, stop and reset key for controlling the countdown. On pressing one of the three additional hotkeys, attempt time 1, attempt time 2 or warm-up time is presented, thus further serving on a smooth running of the event.

timing term
The Competition Control Terminal
Operation of the central component is accomplished on a built-in numeric keypad, which is extended by two additional selector keys and three function keys.

Due to a customized embedded software solution, this simplified control concept fulfils any competition demands and grants the competition management complete control over an event. For this purpose, all relevant data is transferred from the operator’s laptop to the device, using the WLS2011 software component.

comp control
The Attempt Board
As with most timing and scoring systems delivered by our company, the attempt board basically consists of a conventional LCD or plasma flat panel, which is driven by the WLS 2011 software component.


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