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CALYPSO Waterpolo Scoreboards

CALYPSO overview
The CALYPSO range of products proposes modular, mixed numeric/alphanumeric scoreboards with advanced LED technology, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. CALYPSO scoreboards feature large digits and a light sensor to adapt the brightness to the ambient light conditions. This allows for an optimum readability, providing crystal clear viewing distances of up to 150 m. The compact grey aluminium housing has an acrylic finish to guarantee the best protection against atmospheric conditions, and integrates a horn. The scoreboard is designed to be installed on a wall with all inter-module wiring hidden from view. Cleaning and maintenance are made easy with access from the front of the scoreboard. CALYPSO scoreboards are made with the highest quality materials, and all components are thoroughly tested before assembly.
  • Top features
  • Specifications
  • Digits height
  • Available configurations
  • Options
  • Optimized contrast & brightness
  • Display intensity adjusts to ambient light conditions
  • Integrated horn (110 dB @ 1 m)
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Aluminium construction
  • Viewing distance up to 150 m
  • Easy maintenance from front
  • Wireless Bluetooth link (option)
  • Compatible with MONTREAL Shot clocks with game clock, article number 3435.904
            Optional team names module
Article number: 3403.952 3403.958 3403.959 3403.968 3403.969 3403.970
Width: 2400mm 2400mm 4040mm 2400mm 4040mm 2400mm
Height: 1020mm 1360mm 1360mm 1700mm 1700mm 340mm
Thickness: 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm
Weight: 43kg 59kg 135kg 73kg 149kg 16kg
Power consumption: 150VA 250VA 400VA 350VA 500VA 150VA
Optional mounting kit: 3403.903 3403.904 3403.908 3403.905 9403.909  
Optional mounting kit: (with optional team names module) 3403.904 3403.905 3403.909 3403.906 3403.904
+ 3403.906

Common specifications:
Power supply : 115/230 VAC
Data connection : RS422 (9600 bauds, 8 data bit)
Viewing distance : up to 150 m
Display type : amber and red LED segment arrays
Operating temperature : 0 to +50°C
Storage temperature : -30 to +85°C
Protection : IP54 (indoor and outdoor use, rain and sun proof)
Certifications : ce logo and rohsRoHS compliant
calypso digits height
3403.952 : OMEGA CALYPSO Waterpolo type 952
Main scoreboard; displays essential information, including :
Game time, Scores (0 to 99), Period, 3 timeout indicators per team, Time stopped indication
calypso config1
3403.958 : OMEGA CALYPSO Waterpolo type 958
Same functions as type 952, plus :
- Penalties module, showing up to 2 penalties per team in seconds
calypso config2
3403.959 : OMEGA CALYPSO Waterpolo type 959
Same functions as type 952, plus :
- Penalties module, for up to 2 penalties/team in seconds
- 2 modules showing the number of penalties per player (1 to 13)
calypso config3
3403.968 : OMEGA CALYPSO Waterpolo type 968
Same functions as type 952, plus :
- Penalties module showing up to 2 penalties per team in seconds (amber) with the player number information (red)
calypso config4
3403.969 : OMEGA CALYPSO Waterpolo type 969
Same functions as type 952, plus :
- Penalties module showing up to 2 penalties per team in seconds (amber) with the player number information (red)
- Two modules showing the number of penalties/player (1 to 13)
calypso config5
3403.970 : OMEGA CALYPSO Alphanumerical 17 chars line
Teams names module featuring one text line display and using matrix LED amber digits (15 cm).
calypso option1
3403.759 : CALYPSO Wireless BlueTooth (internal mounted)
Bluetooth receiver module for CALYPSO scoreboard, in order to reduce cable clutter (the controller must then be replaced by a Bluetooth-compatible version, see last page).
3403.903 to 909 : Mounting kits : please check the table in "CALYPSO specifications" calypso option2

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