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SC24 Timer Super Pro

Multisport - Shot Clocks and Peripherals


SC24 Timer Super Pro                      



  • 2x display units
  • 1 control console
  • 1 carrying case for control console
  • 2 mains cable
  • 2x junction boxes and transmission cables
  • Operating and installation instructions


Use: Indoor
Transmission: Radio (868 MHz) or cable. Work only with STRAMATEL Multisport scoreboard
Readability: 110m, angle >160°
Dimensions: 840 x 570 x 90mm
Weight: 11 kg
Power supply: 230V / 50-60Hz                
Power consumed: 89 VA
Protection: Unbreakable matt polycarbonate front face (DIN 18032-3)
External Horn: 115dB at 1m
Mains cable (supplied): 2x25 m - Type: 230V, 3G, 0.75 mm
Cable controlled: Junction Box + 2 x 25m transmission cable (scoreboard/junction box) -
Type: DIN/DIN + 25 m transmission cable (junction box/main junction box) - Type: phone cable 2 pairs 6/10th

  • Display Functions (per display unit)
  • Control Consoles
  • Options
  • Brochure
Download the SC24 Timer Super Pro Brochure pdfdownload-628

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