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Time Keeping System for Regatta Courses

Time-keeping software
Software for time keeping and results calculation of intermediate and finish times.
  • Collection of intermediate times
  • Collection of finish times with photo finish camera
  • Simultaneous data gathering of several competitions on the same course
  • Variable course configuration
  • Results data export
  • Import of master data
  • Backup PC
  • Optional: scoreboard control software
Data collector
  • Collection of intermediate timing data
  • Communication with Timing PC over USB
  • Interfaces: CAN bus interface, wireless interface (868 MHz / 933 MHz), USB
  • Each individual time-keeping station collects times, assigns them to the corresponding lane and transmits to the timekeeping PC over data collector
  • Terminals for intermediate time-keeping
  • Photo finish system
5 input terminals for intermediate times and finish
  • Collection of intermediate time and subsequent lane assignment (manual input)
  • Real time transmission of data via CAN bus or wireless to the data collector
  • Time synchronization over GPS or CAN bus
  • LCD text display (128x64 px)
  • 18 keys, integrated rechargeable battery (max. 12h)
  • Time base better than 1 ppm
  • Interfaces:
    • GPS
    • Wireless (868 MHz/933 MHz)
    • CAN bus
    • External imputs (in/out)
    • Canoe Keypad interface
Incl. integrated time-keeping software with following features:
  • Communication with data collector and intermediate timekeeping terminal via CAN bus / wireless
  • External impulse inputs for timekeeping
  • Live and post-event input of lanes and boat numbers
  • Independent transmission of times and lanes
  • Push buttons, electronically and actively debounced

timekeeping diag
The Photo Finish System is used to evaluate finish line pictures and to collect finish times of boats reaching the finish line almost simultaneously. The computer-based finish line camera system allows the collection of exact finish times. External synchronization by master clock.

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