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Sirocco Wind Gauge

Sirocco is a high performance wind gauge to efficiently measure the wind speed. Directly connected to the Scan’O’Vision Bridge via the serial multiplex option, it offers full compliance with the requirements of the relevant sport regulations at the highest level of competition.

The device is an ultra-sonic sensor, which sends information directly to the multiplex board, from which it also takes its power. The wind speed acquisition is performed automatically for each race, in accordance with settings in the photo-finish software. Different settings for each relevant race (100m, 200m and sprint hurdles) are set in advance to determine the length of the wind measurement, and the point in the race at which measurement begins.

The Sirocco offers consistent performance with no loss of accuracy due to an absence of any moving parts. The device is fully maintenance free, being robustly constructed of highest quality materials and components.

Thanks to its advanced features the Sirocco offers accurate results in all weather conditions, making it the perfect solution at the best price.
  • Top features
  • Specifications
  • Options
  • Self-contained
  • no loss of accuracy
  • no moving parts
  • 360° adjustable
  • adaptable height with tripod
  • maintenance free operation
  • reliable ultrasonic technology
  • easy OSV Bridge connection
Article number 3436.910
Measurement duration Any, selectable in the PC interface
Display PC Scan’O’Vision
Range -9.9 m/s to +9.9 m/s
Accuracy +/- 0.1 m/s
Power Scan’O’Vision Bridge serial multiplex
Operating temperature -35°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +90°C
Protection IP65
Dimensions (without tripod) Ø 142 mm x 255 mm
Weight (without tripod, with cable) 1.3 kg
Inputs/outputs Tuchel 7pF RS422
Cable length 5 m
9051.6300 Multipurpose tripod
1900.010 Cable OSV Bridge Multiplex 10m, RS 422 bidirectional tuchel 7pMC, Sub-D 9pMC
1900.050 Cable OSV Bridge Multiplex 50m, RS 422 bidirectional tuchel 7pMC, Sub-D 9pMC *
1900.100 Cable OSV Bridge Multiplex 100m, RS 422 bidirectional tuchel 7pMC, Sub-D 9pMC *
* on winder

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