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Photo finish camera system
This photo finish camera system measures in thousands of seconds the times at the finish line. It is designed to accomodate a wide range of sports, including athletics, horse racing, greyhounds, rowing, cycling, or speed skating among others. It takes up to 2000 shots per second at a high resolution of 2048 pixels vertical line, and the corresponding time is displayed on each picture. The high sensivity of the sensors allows the STAR camera to work in poor light conditions. High quality images allow direct export to both print and electronic media. An optional internal battery offers one hour stand alone operation in case of power failure.

An integrated digital inclinometer provides help with the camera positioning. The STAR 220 and 20/20 Vision include focus and iris remote controlling. The exclusive patented Spatial Alignment system for the 20/20 Vision serie allows the camera to be easily aligned on any finish line. STAR cameras are self-contained, including battery, electronics, connections to the track (start, ready and finish) and computer connections through a standard Ethernet (1Gb) cable.

With optional accessories, it is possible to connect the system to peripheral devices such as scoreboards, data handling computers, wind measurements and false start control devices.
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Spatial Alignment System for the 20/20 Vision camera
The Scan’O’Vision camera needs to be precisely aligned on the finish line in order to be reliable. The manual alignment requires time and experience and can be complicated on finish lines without a distinctive difference of color (ex. for horse racing or rowing). The exclusive and patented Spatial Alignment System allows an easy and precise alignment of the camera on any finish line by providing a video image (matrix mode) instead of the thin scan line which is only 1 pixel wide.

Simply superpose the vertical landmark line on the finish line using sports specific markers such as the black tapes applied on the athletics finish line. Other horizontal landmark lines help adjusting the light and the focus of the camera.
Lens mounting: Nikon type
Temperatures: 0 - 50°C (working)
-20 - 70°C (storage)
Protection: IP43
Camera dimension: 360 x 205 x 185mm (LxHxW) (including handle, w/out optics)
Weight (camera only): approx. 5kg (without optics)
Resolution: 2048 pixels
Acquisition speed: 100 to 2000 images/sec
Ethernet gigabit: up to 100m cable
Certifications: ce logo and rohs RoHS compliant
  • Zoom lenses for the STAR 220 & the STAR 20/20 Vision cameras
9051.6255: Zoom lens 24 - 120mm f/3.5 - 5.6D
9051.6256: Zoom lens 70 - 300mm f/4 - 5.6D
2872.003: OMEGA OIT3 pushbutton
3434.640: OMEGA Scan’O’Vision STAR carrying case for camera, lenses, cables and 4 axes camera mounting support
3434.990: USB interface for 2x RS 232 and 2x RS 422
3330.618: Cable for external battery
9051.6340: Tripod
3397.907: Dedicated laptop PC
3397.927: Dedicated desktop PC
3434.980: OMEGA Scan’O’Vision STAR internal battery
  • Omega Scan'O'Vision STAR camera
  • Power supply
  • 4 axes mounting support (tripod optional)
  • Cables (10m)
  • Software
  • User’s manuals
3434.934 : OMEGA Scan'O'Vision STAR 210
3434.922 : OMEGA Scan'O'Vision STAR 20/20 Vision

All have standard features and iris and focus remote control.
Only 3434.922 has spatial alignment feature

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