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PowerTime II Timing Device

POWERTIME II is a hand-held timer with integrated printer for athletics, ski and swimming competitions. It integrates all the experience of Swiss Timing’s official timekeepers of over 25 Olympiads. The device is composed of a 24 digits printer and a 4x16 digits LCD. Despite its small size, nothing has been left behind to assure ease and comfort of use for the operator. Firmware updates and dedicated softwares are available on our website and can be downloaded through the serial port. POWERTIME II features several in/out connectors allowing various peripherals links such as a starting system. A combined RS232/RS422 serial port allows it to connect to a scoreboard and a PC for the display and the transfer of the results. Thanks to the peripherals, the system is able to process athletics, skiing and swimming competitions. POWERTIME II can also be used as an ideal complement to other timing devices in registering the start and arrival times in any sports event, measuring speed or lap times among many other applications.

It can register and store up to 2000 entries . High precision, easy to use and friendly interface, compact size and low power consumption makes the POWERTIME II a highly practical solution for all disciplines requiring the measurement of time. It is suitable for every timekeeper, from amateurs to professionals, having already been used at various Olympic games.
  • Top features
  • Specifications
  • Options
  • Self powered compact timing device
  • Integrated printer
  • Friendly interface and free software updates
  • Many connecting possibilities (scoreboards
  • or starting devices among others)
  • Fits different sports, disciplines & race types
  • Memorizes and stores up to 2000 entries
Article number: 3361.900
Dimensions: 235 x 95 x 40 mm
Weight: 500 g (with batteries)
Display: alphanumeric LCD, 4 lines of 16 characters each
Timebase type: thermo compensated quartz oscillator
Timebase stability: ±1 ppm between -10 to +50 °C
Timebase resolution: 1/1000 to 1 sec (programmable)
Keyboard: 10 numeric keys, 8 functions keys
Accoustic signal: ~4 KHz
Printer: 24 alphanumeric characters per line
Printer speed: 1.5 s per line
Printing capacity: 2000 lines per paper roll
Paper: thermal, width 58 mm, length 8 m
Data connections: RS232 (data), RS 485 (display)
External power supply: 9 - 15 VDC
Internal power supply:  4 x 1.5 V (AA/R6/UM3) alkaline or rechargeable batteries
Battery life: 50 h at 20 °C with 2000 printed lines (1 roll)
Data & clock saving: lithium battery
Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C
Storage temperature: -30 to +60 °C
Protection class: IP 55
Certifications: ce logo and rohs RoHS compliant
2872.003: OMEGA OIT3 pushbutton (NO)
3361.608: OMEGA PowerTime - 5 entries box
3361.609: OMEGA PowerTime - 9 entries box
3361.611: OMEGA PowerTime - 9 boxes swimming harness
3361.626: Cable RJ - Tu 7pM 3m (PowerTime - Scoreboard)
3361.627: Cable RJ - 2x Tu 7pM 3m (PowerTime - 2x Scoreboard)
3361.628: Cable RJ - Tu 7pM / SUB-D 9pMC-FC 3m (PowerTime - Scoreboard & PC)
1712.001: Cable Tu 4pF - BA 2pM 1m (start connection: OST4 to PowerTime)

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