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Quantum CT Rack

Quantum Rack for Cycling Track has been developed by engineers in collaboration with the timekeeping team, in order to combine high technology and competition’s reality.

The Quantum CT Rack is a mobile rack made up of three distinct sections:
  • Quantum Timer: timing systems
  • AIG051: for the distribution of pulses from the different measurement points on the track
  • INT217: for the management of serial lines
The Quantum is the new generation of timers which allows a precision of 1/1’000’000 of seconds. The technology of the Quantum has already been proven in sports such as Swimming and Skiing and is currently used by the Swiss Timing Timekeepers for important events such as the Olympic Games.

Thanks to the interconnection with the transponder system, the data handling process is simplified. To ensure the security of the results, the Quantum offers a fully integrated primary and secondary solution. Every information and pulse entering in Quantum are always received by Primary and Secondary timer.
The AIG051 is a pulse distributor used in Cycling Track with Quantum timing system. It receives all pulses from the track and sends them to specific devices such as timing system, photofinish system and transponders. Even if the AIG051 is not powered or switched off, only the Quantum will receive the track pulses.
The INT217 is a distributor and converter of serial lines; it also creates virtual serial lines for a computer connected by USB or Ethernet. It includes a primary and a secondary system; commutation between both systems is done easily by pushing a button. Serial lines can be used to connect transponder decoder, scoreboard, pursuit system, etc...
  • Top features
  • Quantum package
  • Specifications
  • Options
  • Brochure
  • Primary and Secondary solution
  • Inter-connection with transponder "Easy Timing“
  • High precision of 1/1‘000‘000 s
  • Display of an MS Excel interface to get the results
  • Can be used for timing (with operator) and for training
  • Full UCI compliance
  • Can manage up to 5 transponder decoders
Rack mounted including:
  • Quantum timer
  • AIG051
  • INT217
  • Double power supply
  • Internal data switcher
  • Internal data interface
  • Timing software
  • Dongle
Reference : 3493.900
Size : 510.5 x 447 x 440 mm (LxWxH)
Weight : 22 kg
Certifications : Full UCI compliance

quantum dim
  • Laptop compatible Quantum : 3397.911
  • Quantum online printer : 3480.920
Online printer with internal power supply
  • CT Training Software : 3493.991
The system is based on a fixed arrangement of multiple transponder loops installed under the track of the velodrome. The coach assembles individual tracks by selecting the desired loops on a tablet, if required, independently for each athlete. As a result, specific intermediate times, sector and finish times as well as speed information are available in real time.

Configuration settings and gathered results are storable and therefore particularly appropriate for progressive and periodic training. Training close to competition level also comes with the team and pursuit racing functions.

An interface to public scoreboards for result presentation and the integration of start gates in the training are further notable features.

One of the advantages of CT trainer is that it can be accessible and usable on all devices with a browser and an internet connection.

This system works with a transponder decoder only. It doesn’t need any operator (except the trainer).

The CT Training System consists of:
  • CT Trainer Listener (transponder server component)
  • CT Trainer (client component)
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

Download Cycling consultation document: pdfdownload-628

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