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Boxing Scoring System

In close cooperation with the International Amateur Boxing Federation, we have designed a brand-new version of the Boxing Scoring System first introduced in 1989 and since then sold hundredfold throughout the world.

The new Scoring System was provided to all national AIBA member Federations in order to secure a uniform and high quality technology level. From now on, BSS2007 will be used for all international Boxing events to ensure professional Scoring and competition management. In comparison to the former successful version, the new basic system version provides even more features, including automatic Judges draw, open Scoring and Judges evaluation. In addition, new language modules including English, German, French and Russian are available for the user interface.
  • Competition management
  • Boxing competition management
  • System components
  • Options
  • Brochure
  • Entry of Boxer and Judges data including name, nation, weight category etc.
  • Entry of competition-related information such as date, weight categories, Officials, bout numbers
  • Creation of competition schedules for automatic tournament management
  • Automatic Judges draw in accordance with AIBA rules
  • Manual entry of bouts and Judges
  • Definition of individual weight categories
  • Comprehensive protocol feature incl. print option for entry and start lists, daily and final results as well as results by weight category etc.
  • Manual modification of program parameters such as participating countries, permission of ties etc.
  • Manual training tournament and training bout scheduling on separate pocket PC or keypad for each corner.
  • Gathering of Judges scores entered on special keypads
  • Presentation of Individual, Accepted and Total Score on Judges screen
  • Determination of Scoring based on 1sec shift algorithm
  • Possible visualization of round, nation/team code and score for coaches and spectators (Open Scoring)
  • Collection of direct warnings and confirmation / decline of Judges warnings
  • Observance of AIBA cancellation rules (RSC, KO, WO, etc.)
  • Output of results short protocol to be approved by Referee
  • Complete print protocol right after the bout, incl. score overview and Judges evaluation
  • Possibility to modify certain parameters incl. number of bouts, number of Judges, Scoring algorithm, protocol layout etc.
  • BSS2007 software
  • 5 Scoring keypads incl. cabling
  • Keypad Interface incl. adapter
scoring screen
Open Scoring Screen
boxing concept
Basic Concept BSS2007
  • Desktop computer incl. TFT screen and second graphics card for Open Scoring
  • Monitors for coaches and public screens for Open Scoring VGA distributor
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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