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MCL Cantilever Gate

The MCL cantilevered slide gate is ideal for commercial and security applications, where speed and efficiency is of high importance. The design eliminates the need for ground tracks and overhead rails. The cantilever system and customised options allow for a variety of motors and controllers to be installed dependent on the duty cycle of the gate.
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The gates are constructed from pre-galvanised steel and are powder coated to individual colour requirements.. The MCL Sliding gate allows for single leaf spans of up to 6 metres. All rollers are supplied with sealed ball bearings which are designed to exceed gate loads and are capable of 100% duty cycle.
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Drive System
The construction of the MCL gate system allows for a variety of motors and controllers to be used dependant on the required duty cycle of the gate. A typical motor drive supplied by Magnetic Automation is the MSL20. A robust 3 Phase AC motor with a worm gear drive provides the linear movement of the slide gate through a gear wheel and a straight rack mounted to the gate. The drive system is designed for gates up to 600kg and speeds of up to 600mm/sec Please contact your local Magnetic Automation office for further details
MPH Speed Gate safety
Safety Devices
Standard safety devices include PE beams, inductive loop detectors and signage for use on automatic gate systems. Optional Safety Device include flashing lights, audible alarms, safety edge strips, safety light curtains and polycarbonate clear safety screens.
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A variety of accessories are available such as climb protection - spikes, barbed wire and pressed spears; uninterrupted power supply, steel cladding and chain wire mesh. Bi-parting gates can also be applied to wide roadways.
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