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MPW 112 Pedestrian Swing Barrier

The Magnetic Pedestrian Wing (MPW) series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas in medium to high security applications.
The gate closes immediately after passage or after an adjustable time-out. The opening and closing time of the gate can be programmed differently depending on the size of the objects. The gates can be operated in one-way or bidirectional mode.

The key component of the MPW series is the direct drive system with the MHTM™ motor. No additional gear-box is required. It offers numerous benefits including nearly noisefree operation, small dynamic forces, impact detection, almost no abrasion and fastest opening / closing times.
Motor technology
The MHTM™ drive system consists of resolver for precise positioning feedback. It is a motor with high output torque for fast acceleration and fast deceleration which is one of the main features of the motor. When there is no power, the motor shaft can be freely rotated. The MHTM™ lifetime is more than 10 million cycles or a minimum of 10 years in a pedestrian gate application.
Logic controller
The logic controller provides a high level of flexibility. It is able to control gate operation either by commands received from one of the serial communication ports or by digital inputs and outputs. The logic controller is in full control of processing a passage through the gate when opening commands are received from external access control devices such as card readers, fingerprint readers, ticketing devices, etc.
MPH Speed Gate safety
Fraud and Safety
Passengers travelling inside the gate are observed by PE beams. They detect and prevent attempts to defraud such as intrusion, wrong-way and tailgating. In combination with the low impact forces, the PE beams provide a high safety level. To prevent any attempts to force the doors open, they are blocked by electromagnetic tooth-brakes in the closed position. In case of power failure or an emergency the wing doors are pulled open by springs.
Gate End Display
The Gate End Display is used to indicate independently for each direction whether a lane is opened or closed. Two symbols can be displayed: green arrow and red cross.
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MPW features
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