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MPT Full Height Turnstile

Pedestrian access solutions for perimeter protection
The MPT Full Height Turnstile provides high security protection that is vandal and attack resistant.

The turnstiles are designed to control pedestrian traffic in perimeter locations outside of or away from principal buildings and can be used for bi-directional access control applications.

Mine Ready Options available:
  • 24volt configuration
  • IP65 rating
  • Solar Panel
  • Portable Plinth
Housing and quality
Fully welded Australian made RHS steel is used in the construction of the cage and the centre column with solid U bars. The MPT has been designed as a one-piece construction; therefore it can easily be assembled on site by hand and without the need for heavy lifting devices. All sections are fully hot dip galvanised. Powder coating is optional from a wide selection of powder coating colours.
Motor and control unit
The Magnetic segment locking mechanism is extremely quiet and ensures smooth rotation with a
3 x 120 degree indexing as well as end position damping. With power applied, the mechanism may be set for controlled access, remaining securely locked in both directions until an authorised command is accepted. A comprehensive range of control modes and status outputs are available via Magnetic’s MSC controller.
MPH Speed Gate safety
Safety Devices
The MPT has been fully risk assessed. It is vandal resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The turnstile is designed as a one piece construct and can be installed directly on to existing concrete surfaces, or in the case of paved areas, a foundation frame is available. An over-climb protection roof and alarm contact output can be installed, as well as overhead lighting within the turnstile.
The MPT turnstile can be activated from a variety of remote devices and card readers. Mine ready solutions include: 24volt configuration, IP65 Rating, Solar Panel and Portable Plinth.

The galvanised Portable Plinth has the following features:
  • Constructed from RHS Australian Steel
  • Designed for standard forklift transport
  • Can be bolted to concrete
  • Portability allows for multiple site uses
  • Inspection cover for easy cabling
  • Tech Data
  • Drawings
  • Brochure
MPT 11
MPT drawings
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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