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MPP122/222 Pedestrian Gate

The MPP 122/222 series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recommended as the barrier can be breached.
The barrier consists of a rotating centre, at 3 x 120 degrees, providing single access via a card reader or external control panel through steps of 1 x 120 degrees. The operation of the barrier allows for controlled bidirectional pedestrian flow and is capable of blocking in either direction, or free rotation in either direction.

This model can be used in two directional control applications with a high usage of pedestrian traffic such as: railway platforms, passenger terminals and sport stadiums.
MPP 112 2121
Housing and quality
The construction consists of a center housing connected to two end modules. The center housing has a dust / waterproof hinged locked cover providing maximum access to the controllers and electro-mechanical drive mechanism. Various optional access control devices (such as card readers, finger print readers etc) can be accommodated on a facia panel at the ends of each gate. There are two versions available for indoor (MPP 122) and outdoor applications (MPP 222).
MPP 112 2122
Motor and control units
The MHTM™ motor with sensor technique offers almost silent operation. The motor allows a direct drive of the rotating center without additional gearing. It operates under constant power and thus prevents condensation and prolongs the life of the motor. In connection with the universal MBC controller we can provide features that are very useful and expedient for our customers.
MPH Speed Gate safety
Drop-Arm mechanism
In case of an emergency or power failure, any pedestrian gate must not be an obstacle. The optional available patented drop-arm mechanism releases the arms of the tripod so that the gate can be safely passed. Afterwards, the arms return to their correct position and the rotating center resets and returns to the home position.
MPP 112 212 3
Typical Fields of Application
Magnetic pedestrian gates are designed for a huge number of applications. The MPP series may be used for train stations, airports, sport stadiums, museums, company entries, public baths, public convenience.
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MPP 122 222 features
MPP 122 222 drawings
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