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MPH112 Pedestrian Gate

The MPH 112 Series pedestrian barrier was developed to control the access of persons under medium to high security requirements.
Closure takes place immediately after passage or after an adjustable hold-open time. The opening and closing times can be programmed to be different from each other, the times depend on the height of the glass flaps. In its initial position the barrier is closed; it can be operated in one direction only, or in both directions.

MPH barriers are available in two versions. The standard version permits unimpeded passage for persons. The Wide lane has a greater lane width and provides optimum passage for persons with luggage and for wheel chairs. A line or installation consists of at least two modules.
MPH Speed Gate housing
Housing and quality
The housing is made of stainless steel grade 304 (1.4301) and is built up from several segments whose length can be varied to suit the customers requirements. Various optional access-control systems (e.g. card readers) can be readily integrated into the stainless steel front panels. The housing complies with degree of protection IP32 and is suitable for indoor applications, or for outdoor use under a roof (but only with additional heating).
Motor and control units
The MHTM™ motor with sensor technique offers almost silent operation. The motor allows a direct drive of the rotating center without additional gearing. It operates under constant power and thus prevents condensation and prolongs the life of the motor. In connection with the universal MBC controller we can provide features that are very useful and expedient for our customers.
MPH Speed Gate custom
MPH112 gates are available with three different door heights depending on the security standard demanded by the customer. Magnetic recommends 1200 mm doors for medium security requirements. For high security, we recommend 1500 mm or 1800 mm doors to make climbing over them more difficult. The glass dors are made from toughened or laminated safety glass.
MPH Speed Gate safety
Persons passing the barrier are monitored by eight photocells. They detect the direction and prevent closure as long as a person or object is within the safety zone. The barrier closes automatically when the lane is cleared. Unauthorised attempts at access/passage are detected and can trigger an alarm signal. In the event of a power failure or in an emergency the barrier opens to provide free passage.
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MPH Speed Gate1 tech data
MPH Speed Gate1 diagrams
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