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Mistral - Uno

Mistral - Uno - Directional arrows
Info-mobility system which directs users via intelligent and dynamic routes to the parking facilities, on and off street, closest to the points of interest in the city.
An essential element in the new Smart City concept which aims to streamline traffic flows and optimise city road systems.

MUNO systems are located in strategic points on the city road system, intercepting users approaching the urban centre and dynamically directing them according to the status of the various facilities.


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The support pole is designed to withstand a maximum of six stackable directional arrows, allowing swift and cost-effective addition or removal of arrows, as and when needed.

The backlit modules, inside each panel, illuminate the name and direction of the car parks, while the high visibility displays indicate the stall availability for each area.

An integrated modem provides communication with the control panel via a GPRS/UMTS data band.

The management software ensures continuous monitoring of the sign systems and prompt traffic management interventions.

MUNO provides a static signage system that is fully integrated within the main road sign system, with dynamic indication of the availability of stalls for each individual car park or area of interest. 

As the concept was conceived taking into account the peculiarities of each different city, it is possible to customise a “tailor made” solution, without foregoing its personality.

An element with a sturdy and light structure that simply changes its external appearance.

Mistral - Uno 2

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