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RS-485 Interface

MGC Control module
The RS-485 module RSM01 is an add-on interface for MHTM™ MicroDrive barriers. It can be plugged directly into the control unit (Plug & Play).

The module allows controlling the barrier and getting feedback via serial ModBus protocol.

Up to 247 barriers can be connected to a network.

The interface is galvanically isolated. It can be operated in a 2-wire (half duplex) or 4-wire configuration (full duplex).

All interface parameters can be selected via menus of the MGC control unit.

Termination and bias resistors can also be switched on and off via separate menus.

  • Supported Barrier Types
  • Technical data
Magnetic.Access all Pro and Select models
Magnetic.Parking all Pro and Select models
Magnetic.Toll all
Current consumption 50 mA
Selectable interface
Baud rate, parity,
slave address, 2-/4-
wire operation,
termination and bias
Baud rate 9.600 / 19.200 Baud
Parity Even, odd, no
Slave address 1 - 247
2- / 4-wire operation 2-wire (half duplex),
4-wire (full duplex)
Cable type Twisted-Pair
Connector type Screw terminals
Maximum cable length 1200 m

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