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Pendulum support (PS01 / PS02) | Support post (AP01 / AP50)

Accessories for the barrier boom
For lane widths greater 3.5m, either a pendulum support or a support post is required.

The pendulum support (PS01 / PS02) with a built-in suspension mechanism, is designed to cushion the barrier boom
when closing and supports the boom in the horizontal position.

The height of the pendulum support is continuously adjustable and may be therefore optimally adjusted to uneven
driving surfaces or different installation heights of the barrier and the support post.

The pendulum support PS01 is available for all Magnetic. Access and Magnetic.Parking barriers. In combination with a
VarioBoom and the extension set EVBxx or EVBxxL, the shorter version PS02 must be used.

The support post (AP01 / AP50) is designed to support the barrier boom in the horizontal position. It is protected against corrosion by galvanisation and powder-coating (colour RAL 7043).

Like the pendulum support, the support post is continuously adjustable in height, allowing to be optimally adapted to uneven driving surfaces or different installation heights of the barrier and the support post.

The AP01 support post is available for all Magnetic.Access and Magnetic.Parking barriers. The AP50 support post is required only for Magnetic.Access XL / XXL barriers with a boom length of up to 6.0m

The support post can be securely fixed to the ground using the optional available anchor set (BSAP01), containing glue cartridges and screws.
  • Supported Barrier Types
Magnetic.Access all
Magnetic.Parking all

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