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Extension Set VarioBoom

The Extension Set VarioBoom (EVB) is designed to increase the visibility and cognition of the barrier boom. Furthermore, it is meant for easy installation of optional available accessories,e.g. inlays or warnings signs.

The set is available in two versions with a clear height of 100mm respectively 175mm between the barrier boom profile and the lower profile rail.

The Extension Set is available for all MHTM™ MicroDrive Pro- and Select models with VarioBoom and a maximum lane width of 5.0m. Please note that installing a support post for barriers with a lane width greater than 3.5m is mandatory.

The set contains a profile rail with edge protection, an end piece and fixing elements. The combination with a pendulum support or a boom locking unit is not possible.

Optionally available inlay signs made of aluminium may be directly installed between the boom profile and the extension
set. This set, comprising two signs and fixing elements, allows individual messages or graphics to be very easily applied using adhesive film, screen printing or other methods.

For individual inlays or attachments, please contact your Magnetic Autocontrol distribution partner before realising your project.

  • Supported Barrier Types
Magnetic.Access all Pro and Select models
with VarioBoom
Magnetic.Parking all Pro and Select models
with VarioBoom

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