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New  generation  control  unit  “One  For  All”  to  control  all  24Vdc
automation systems

NIGHT LIGHT SYSTEM to control Led lights during night hours

14A main functions:

• possibility to combine the power modules according to the installation (1 or 2 motors)

• DYL handheld programmer with display for easy programming

• same programming for different systems

• wide display in different languages to program both the motor and the radio receiver

• compatible with most home automation systems

• amperometric obstacle detection with run inversion

• standard or programmable slowdown in opening and closing

• programmable pedestrian automatic closing

• separate OPEN-STOP-CLOSE inputs and PP - Pedestrian input

• safety edge 8,2K ohm NC - photo 1 and photo 2

• inputs and safety devices LED visualisation

• optional test for safety edge

• LED courtesy light output

• open gate indicator output

• plug-in programmable radio receiver 4 channels

• for motors with or without encoder

• flashing light output with user indicator

• electrolock output

• optional battery back-up
  • Models
  • Data
  • Accessories
  • Information Sheet
14A - 1 - Models
14A - 2 - Data

14A - 3 - Accessories
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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