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Outdoor - 55 Inch Dual Screen LCD screen

Outdoor - 55 Inch Dual Screen LCD screen
Betvis 55" dual screen floor standing lcd display/ all weather proof/ 24*7 continuous long-hour operation/ auto temperature control/ free fast speed Wifi/ free USB charger/ 10.1" small touchscreen tablet/ free phone call/ direct emergency call/ free remote content management system

The upgraded 3m height giant Public wifi 55 Inch Dual Screen LCD screen for outdoor advertising kiosk is equiped with CCTV surveillance camera on the top of each screen, also a 10" Android touchscreen tablet and two USB quick charge ports on the side part. The 55" dual screen outdoor kiosk design provides not only free wifi access and free phone calls for residents and visitors, but also deploys local event information, public service, emergency messages on the two full HD 55" displays.

The Kiosk is with embedded digital signage system, which is a multi-media system available for various digital networks. The multi-media information such as video, images, HTML, Streaming video, weather forecast and scrolling messages…will be controlled and delivered via central server to displays. The powerful DSM80 Management software is featured with simple installation, centralized management, web-based management software, etc. What' s more, according to different regions and audiences, it is capable of a level-to-level management, targeting at specific audience and cover publication of various information required by an enterprise.

Display - Outdoor 55 3

Display - Outdoor 55 5

Highlight of Betvis outdoor free stand digital signage kiosk:

  1. Ultra high brightness of 2000 nits, can be readable clearly under direct sunshine
  2. Full HD 1080*1920 LCD Panel
  3. built in light sensor, panel brightness adjust automatically according to ambient brightness
  4. Temperature Automatically Control system
  5. IP55 Waterproof and dustproof fuselage, which can stand all weather environment
  6. Base to be bolted on ground for safety
  7. Touch Screen Optional: NANO Touch Foil, 10 Touch Points

How will the kiosk benefit the public:

  • Free USB quick charger for mobile devices
  • Small touchscreen tablet to city maps, directions or personal use. 
  • two surveillance cameras for real-time dead-zone free monitoring 
  • make free phone calls with the help of keypad and microphone
  • direct 111 red emergency button (if required)
  • get access to fast speed free wifi
  • local event and public service displayed on 55" full HD screens
  • arresting LED luminious characters on kiosk top for branding
  • Specification
                                                   Model  BV-OF5514-D




LCD Panel

LCD size  55" LED backlight *2 
Display area  1209mm*680mm
Resolution 1920*1080
brightness  2000nits
touch screen Nano touch film optional




Ingress Protection  IP55
Cooling system air fans cooling 
working temperature -30℃~+45℃


Android solution

Processor  ARM Cortex-A9, Quad-core 1.6G
Storage Default 16GB SD Card, maximum to 32GB 
Network wifi, Ethernet, 3G/4G



Net size 2900mm*950mm*320mm
Weight  350KG

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