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Listo Start and Concentration Clock

LISTO has been developed as a multifunction start clock meeting the regulations of various sports such as cycling, skiing and athletics. LISTO 900 Start Clocks feature 105 mm digits, providing both athletes and officials ample viewing distance.

The start interval of the countdown can be easily preset. The start signal sound can be selected between either a sampled gunshot or a choice of two acoustic tones. The athlete is warned of the approaching start signal by a series of beeps at one second intervals. A red and green signal indicates whether the athlete can leave or not. LISTO can also be used as a concentration clock.

LISTO 910 Start Clocks provides an additional display (70 mm digits) for time.
  • Top features
  • Specifications
  • Remote control specs
features clockLISTO Start Clock is equipped with an ultra high capacity internal battery allowing up to 30 hours operation. The control panel is located on the lower part of the casing, offering the best protection from weather conditions. Once a programme has been selected, a remote control enables standard functions, such as Start/Stop, Reset and Time setup, to be carried out. LISTO has a female camera thread allowing the clock to be mounted on an optional tripod. The basic version LISTO 900 is used in athletics and displays the concentration time allowed to the athletes before each jump or throw. By changing the program selector switch, one can choose between different functions : concentration clock, countdown for ski, cycling lap counter, or as a scoreboard when controlled by the serial RS422 line.
  • Long lasting battery (up to 30 hours)
  • Gunshot sample or beep noise
  • Ample viewing distance
  • Remote control
  • Compliance with many sports
  • Protected against harsh weather
Article number : 3406.900 3406.910
Weight : 7.3 kg 8.0kg
Countdown display : 19 x 7 dots, Ø15 mm, height 105 mm 19 x 7 dots, Ø15 mm, height 105 mm
Time display : (none) 33 x 7 dots, Ø10 mm, height 70 mm
Battery life : @ -25°C : 14 h (no sound)
@+20°C : 29 h (no sound)
@+60°C : 30 h (no sound)
13 h (no sound)     12 h (full volume, 1 start/min)
25 h (no sound)     17 h (full volume, 1 start/min)
27 h (no sound)     24 h (full volume, 1 start/min)

LISTO 900 & LISTO 910 common specifications
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 480 x 300 x 130 mm (without optional support)
Optional support : (article number : 9051.6300) female thread 3/8’’ UNC (camera type)
Wall fixture : 2 screws, axis distance 380 mm
Dots colour : red, green, yellow
Sound : 500 Hz beep: 87 dB; 1 KHz beep: 90 dB; bang: 91 dB
Data connection : RS422, Sub-D 9 poles male
Battery type : Lead-Acid (supplied with universal battery charger, rated 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 500 mA, 50 VA)
Operating temperature : -25 to +60°C
Protection : IP54 (indoor and outdoor use, rain and sun proof)
Certification : ce logo and rohsRoHS compliant
Article number : 3406.620 clock remote
Dimensions : 56 x 105 x 47 mm
Weight : 350 g
Cable length : 5 m

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