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E1 Security Portal


The E1 is feature rich security portal offering a wide range of upgrades to enable it to match a wide variety of security levels from P1A all the way up BR4 and WK4. This compact security portal can integrate with any access control system and its rugged form combined the highest levels of tailgate and piggyback prevention is designed to stop any unauthorised entry attempts.

Options include metal detection, armoured glass and a range of customised heights and finishes.

E1 - 1 - Standard Features
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E1 - 2 - Cost Options
Power Supply
Input: 100/240VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Avg/Max Power Consumption: 35 / 150 watts
Emergency Battery Back Up: 6-8 hours


Typical 240 - 360 persons per hour subject to access control system

External Width/Depth: 995mm
Entrance Width: 600mm
Internal Height: 2030mm
External Height: 2360mm (S), 2325mm (R)
Servicing Clearance: 300mm
Typical Weight Guideline: 360 – 560kg
Glass Thickness: 11mm standard, up to 31mm available
Metallic Structure: Steel 30/10


Reversible motors with permanent magnet, working power 24VDC.
Provided with an encoder for continuous control of the door position. Door are provided with 
electronics control of motor torque for door safety stop in the presence of an obstacle.
In the event of a power failure (and a fully discharged emergency battery backup) the non-secure 
door will be closed and locked to prevent intrusion.


Each Portal is provided with a lever, handle or crank for unlocking the portal in an emergency. One 
is located inside the portal and will only open the door on the non-secure side ensuring security 
is not compromised.
The portals have a special mechanical mechanism which allows the opening of the secure door (only) 
in cases when a forced opening is required. Since the mechanism is situated on the secure side and 
it opens only the secure door, security is not compromised.
IR safety sensors to detect the presence of an obstacle in the doors and prevent them from closing 
to avoid injury. Additional optional IR safety sensors are available.
The control electronics monitor the torque required to close the door to detect for obstructions
The portal can be connected to the building fire alarm/ emergency. In the event of a fire the doors 
can be set to open either the secure, non-secure or both doors
All portals are provided with an Emergency Battery backup in the event of a power failure. The 
Portal can work on the Emergency Battery for up to 6-8 hours of continuous operation. An indicator 
light and message on the control panel inform the user the Emergency battery is in use.

Control Panel and Intercom

A multifunction touch sensitive Control Panel has a clear display to allow for simple understanding 
of the portals operation. The panel also allows easy changes to portal settings and operation.
One push to talk service intercom is integrated on the control panel and another one on the 
security  portal non secure side Traffic Light.
NB: Specifications subject to change without prior notice
E1 - 3 - Spec Drawings
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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