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Barrier Lift System K4

Design Barrier Lift System with electro-hydraulic drive in separate drive cabinet, guide posts, anchor baskets, horizontal crash beam
and ground frame for installation in roadway
Impact Load 612 kJ (6.8 t @ 48 km/h) Crash test certified according to DOS SD-STD-02.01 Rev. A 03/2003 K4/L3
Clear Width of Opening 3.0 to 9.0m in 500mm increments (CWO)
Blocking Height 1100mm
Crash Beam Rectangular hollow section profile RHS 450x250 with cover plate
Guide Posts H x W x D: 1753mm x 1030mm x 450mm (height without hydraulic cylinder)
Ground Frame L x W x H: (CWO - 6mm) x 820mm x 310mm (width without anchors, height without 150mm high drainage sleeves)
Total width approx. 953mm
Anchor Baskets H x W x D: 580mm x 860mm x 460mm
Drive Cabinet H x W x D: 1400mm x 1200mm x 400mm incl. 200mm high base (standard/RO1)
Emergency Operation Via hand pump (standard)
Accumulator incl. rechargeable batteries for one movement (RO1) (optional)
Operating Speed Raising: approx. 0.17 m/sec
Lowering: approx. 0.20m/sec
Wheel Load 100kN according to SLW60 – DIN 1072
Drive 4.0kW, 400 / 230 V (three-phase), 50Hz
Control Unit PLC in control box installed in drive cabinet (standard), PLC in separate control box for wall mounting inside a building
(optional), control voltage 24V
Approx. 500 – 1370 Kg (Crash Beam)
Approx. 1500 Kg (Guide Posts And Anchor Baskets)
Approx. 300 – 820 Kg (Ground Frame)
Approx. 280 – 400 Kg (Drive Cabinet)
Colour (Standard)  
Crash Beam Ral 9010 Pure White
Cover Plate Crash Beam Ral 9010 Pure White
Guide Posts Ral 9010 Pure White
Ground Frame Ral 9010 Pure White
Anchor Baskets Galvanised Finish
Drive Cabinet Ral 7035 Light Grey
Colour (Optional)  
Crash beam Striped RAL 3000 flame red / RAL 9010 pure white
RAL 3000 flame red or other RAL colours or DB colours
Cover plate crash beam other RAL colours or DB colours
Guide posts other RAL colours or DB colours
Ground frame other RAL colours or DB colours
Temperature Range -20°C – 60°C
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